What I Didn’t Learn from a Knitting Book


This past week I’ve learned to appreciate two of the greatest knitting lessons I’ve taught myself.  I didn’t read them in a book or learn them in a class.  These are just some pretty good habits I’ve discovered, and I want to share them with you:

First, knit at least two rows everyday. It is hard to find the time as a mum to a two year old and a one year old, but this discipline is what helps me get the larger projects done. Sometimes all I plan to do on a particular day is work my two rows, but I’m surprised how much I can actually get done when I do manage to get the yarn and needles in my hands. Other times I just get those two rows done (because the last rows in lace shawls have a tendency of having several hundreds of stitches, ya know?). I don’t beat myself up for not accomplishing more on those days, because I’ve learnt how two rows can add up quickly.

Second, never knit when tired. Who here hasn’t said “just one more row and then I’ll go to bed?” For me, those are disastrous words. A mistake is just waiting to be made. A mistake that tired eyes won’t see. A mistake that a tired mind can’t properly fix. So even though I might prefer to keep knitting, I’ve learned that it’s best to stop.  This is perhaps the one I’ve come to appreciate most!

Do you have your own little personal knitting disciplines, too?


3 responses to “What I Didn’t Learn from a Knitting Book

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