WIP: This Old Thing (Part II)

The family, despite being recipients of the flu shot, succumbed to the virus last week.  I knew I was the next victim when all I could accomplish one day was one half row. The knitting sat neglected for a few days, but I quickly got caught up over the weekend.  Looking over my work, I’ve accomplished so much in 22 days (especially when compared to the past four years).  I’m tickled pink.

I can’t believe that I’m nearly done with this shawl.  I’m at the point in the pattern where I should start the two-row edging before binding off.  Well, I should clarify. I started the final rows, but then I ripped it out.  (Don’t worry, I had put in a lifeline.)  The math does not add up.

I checked the publisher’s site for errata, but there is nothing posted for this pattern.  Then I checked what my peers on Ravelry have done.  Sonnysmom wrote in her notes, “I had trouble with last 2 rows so I did my own thing.”   I am assured that the modification made by my knitting instructor is not the fault.

So here I am, trying to avoid another multi-year stalemate.  I too will have to come up with “my own thing” to finish this shawl which means I’ll be spending a lot of time digging around Ravelry and pouring through books.  Not that I’m complaining.  <grin>

In other news, I tidied up my knitting nook yesterday.  La voilà!

2015-01 Knitting Nook

Yeah, I am simultaneously happy and sad that I will not need to buy yarn for a very long time to come.*  I am estimating that I have twenty miles of yarn.  Most of the yarn has come from my mother and a non-knitting friend who inherited some yarn from her grandmother, so please don’t feel you need to have an intervention for me.  Almost all of the wool is securely stored against moths in the tub.  I only wish I knew how to protect the rest of my yarn from the grabby hands of toddlers.

* I actually do need to buy more yarn.  I’ve recently signed up for TKGA’s Master Knitting Level One program, and I do not have any of the light-coloured worsted weight yarn that is required.



4 responses to “WIP: This Old Thing (Part II)

  1. I have to evaluate my yarn for the TKGA program. I read the instructions and have to review the swatch and pattern next so I know what we are getting ourselves into. Looks like I need to visit an office stroe too, but I’ll multitask that and get the filing stuff I need for the house in the same trip.


    • My friend uses a cedar chest to keep her yarn safe from moths. I prefer to keep visual tabs on my yarn so the shelves and tubs work out great for me. My anti-moth solution is to tuck lavender sprigs and lavender soap next to the yarn. This has been effective so far.

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