Quick question:  What’s your library card number?


If you know your library card number by heart like I do, you’re either a book nerd or you frequent your library’s online resources often.  And what online services can your library possibly offer you? If you’re a knitter like me, the answer is a lot!

1.  Online Catalog – Why drive to the library with your two toddlers to peruse the shelves for a specific book on borders and edging when you can just check to see if it is available?  This is also helpful if you have a library system where books float around to different branches so you’ll know which one to drive to.

2.  Place a Hold Request – That book you’ve been wanting to read about craftivism keeps being checked out.  Placing a hold request saves you from the headache of repeatedly driving to the library only to be disappointed that your book of choice is not available yet.

3.  Renew / Pay Fees Online – Again, why should you haul your two kiddos to the library for a one-minute transaction. Of course, you wouldn’t have to pay such fees if only your library offered alternatives to physical books.

4.  Audio Books and e-Books – If your library uses a service like Overdrive, you can check out a book virtually.  Depending on the book’s popularity, you may have to wait in line as the library may have only licensed a handful of copies.  This option, I’ve found, has been good for traditional fiction and non-fiction books but not reference books.

5.  Magazines – Fortunately for me, a lowly knitting enthusiast, my library has begun offering magazines through Zinio.  Magazines are good for hobbyists who can’t afford a subscription or want to just peruse a single issue of Interweave Knitting to see what all the fuss is about.

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What other services does your public library offer?


One response to “Quick question:  What’s your library card number?

  1. I thought I was the only one who knew her library card number by heart! 🙂 Thanks for the tip about zinio, never thought to check out e-magazines, though I get ebooks and audio books all the time!


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