Up Next: This Bonnet

People laugh when I tell them I want to learn a Scandinavian language to improve my available knitting choices.  This vintage bonnet is one of the reasons why:

Made by MajaGreta/Ravelry (Maja Karlsson)

Made by Astakristin/Ravelry

Made by Piscine/Ravelry

Unfortunately, the pattern was written in Swedish.  With the help of a Google Swedish-English translation and my own knitting knowledge, I think I’ve made sense of what I’m supposed to do.

Probably if I spent as much effort in solving my current knitting problem, the socks would be done.  I admit, it’s adventures like this that knit me for a loop.

2 responses to “Up Next: This Bonnet

  1. Your grandmother had fun teaching me knitting. Out of it came the ability to donate my arms for her yarn preparation:) I remember walking into the house one afternoon and finding your grandfather sitting patiently in a comfortable lounger with his arms stretched and yarn winding and x-ing across in hank fashion. I got a wink from him. I did hear a grateful thank you from grandmother to him. I was glad to learn and it was the foundation to make quite a number of lovely slippers over the years for you children.

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