Done: Maja-mössan (Pattern in English)

The following is my interpretation of a Google translation of someone’s notes from a vintage Swedish knitting book. It sounds like a knitting version of the game Operator we all played in grade school, doesn’t it?  Hopefully nothing has been lost in translation although I might have added a few things that made sense to me (like a provisional cast-on).

Now, I could be wrong, but I think that the bonnet’s name “Maja-mössan” means “Maja’s mosses.”  Maja is the blogger who posted her notes.  I’m not sure where she got the descriptive word mosses.  I’m weary to use that term in the name of a hat because someone might incorrectly think that a seed or moss stitch is used in the making of the hat. So, rather than translating the name of the hat, I’ll just continue to call it Maja-mössan.

The only clue I had for size was that Maja, the Swedish note-taker, had used 4 mm needles (US 6, I think). She probably used a worsted weight yarn, but I wanted to use up some summery yarn in my stash and went up a needle size to accommodate.


The bonnet is started at the nape of the neck and worked flat in garter stitch.  The left and right sides of the hat are picked up and the top of the hat is continued to be worked flat in garter stitch.  Finally, the rolled brim of the hat is knit in the round using stockinette stitch.



Yarn:  Lion Brand Cotton Ease, 50% Cotton/50% Acrylic (Aran Weight)
Needle Size:  US 7 for the body of the hat, US 6 for the brim
Needle Type:  DPNs or Circular
Stitch Gauge:  20 stitches across 4″ (in pattern)
Row Gauge:  22 rows across 4″ (in pattern)
Finished Size:  18 months

– –

Using the provisional cast-on method, cast on 10 stitches with the larger needle.
Row 1 (Foundation Row):  Knit across. [10 stitches]
Row 2 (Increase Row):  KFB every stitch until end of row. [20 stitches]
Work garter stitch for 40 rows ending on a right side row.  Place live stitches on a DPN or cable.  Cut yarn.
Pick up 20 stitches along the selvedge starting near the nape of the neck, continue to knit across the 20 live stitches, pick up 20 more stitches along the other side of the hat.  [60 stitches]
Work garter stitch for 40 more rows ending on a right side row.
Switch to the smaller needle, knit 60 stitches and then continue to knit the 10 stitches from the provisional cast on (having taken care to remove the waste yarn).  [70 stitches]
Work stockinette stitch for 16 rows.
Bind off.  Weave in ends. Block.  Place on baby’s head.  Take a photo.  Now you’re done!

Some final notes:  I’m looking forward to figuring out different sizes so stay tuned for future updates!  If anyone reading this is a Swedish speaker, I would love your input on this “translation.”  And, if anyone knows which book the original pattern came from, I’d love to credit it.

4 responses to “Done: Maja-mössan (Pattern in English)

    • I agree. The hat looks boxy when flat, but it shapes up nicely when on a round head. Chickadee can’t bear to part with it still, so I’m glad I opted for cotton instead of wool this time of year.


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