WIP: A Pair of Socks (Part II)

It still remains a mystery to me how I accomplished the turning of the heel on these socks, but I did it.  I only had to make minor modifications to the first row in the pattern.  Otherwise it was eerily simple to work, and it fits me perfectly.


By the end of the week, I had picked up and completed the gussets.  I love the look of the simple 2×2 ribbing which continues up the leg of the sock.  I think it makes the speckling of the yarn pop out nicely.

There were a generous 360 yards in the ball of MadelineTosh Pashmina sport weight yarn, which I had cut in half and wound into two separate balls in the shop. I did a pretty lousy job using the shop’s ball winder though.  Once I had my husband trapped in the airplane with me on the return trip from San Francisco, he helped me to un-knot and re-wind the yarn into the balls you see above.

I think we wound the balls too tight as I find the yarn seems to have lost its loft.  The gauge appears to remain the same on the sock, so I’ve decided to not worry about it (much).  I’m curious to see what idiosyncrasies will develop once I have washed and properly blocked the socks.  Something Elizabeth Zimmerman said in her knitting workshop video I borrowed from the library makes me wonder if they will shrink a bit.  (Wondering is not worrying, right?)


I think I may try the magic loop method again at a later date, but the two-socks on two-needles method is pretty spiffy.  It is a little slow-going as I’m constantly changing needles, but I guarantee that it is a quicker method for making a pair of socks for those who suffer from second-sock syndrome like me.  I plan on working on these socks until I run out of yarn.  I am putting them on periodically, but I’m pretty sure I won’t have to worry about shaping for the calf as the balls are getting smaller more rapidly.


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