The Knitter’s Curse (i.e., Distractions)

I’m certainly glad I laid out a knitting plan for myself this year because it’s been encouraging to see how much progress I’ve made.  It’s also been fun chronicling my diversions.  Speaking of which, a friend of mine is about to have a baby.

Even though I still have the two socks on my needles, I’ve hurriedly cast on a little sweater for her (or should I say him, since the baby is a boy?).  Since I can’t imagine boring you with yet another photo of my uncompleted socks, and the other is a gift, there will be no photos of my knitting in this post.

Once the sweater is finished, I should be ready to return my attention to my socks.  And after that, well, I suppose I should tackle my MHK homework.  Unless, of course, another distraction comes to light… 


One response to “The Knitter’s Curse (i.e., Distractions)

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