Done! Baby Sweater: Gramps

When I came across this cardigan for a baby boy designed by Tin Can Knits, I knew I had to knit it for my friend’s baby due next month.  If only because her husband wears this exact type of sweater.

Here is my version:


IMG_9658 IMG_9660 IMG_9661Due to time restraints, I had to omit the pockets and elbow patches.  Still I think the sweater has lots of charm.  But then I realized I had a couple of extra days after all, but not to re-block the sweater, so I knit up this hat to coordinate with the buttons.

I made lots of needless errors on this sweater.  I equally blame my sloppy reading skills and their poor pattern editing.  My full notes are on Ravelry.


4 responses to “Done! Baby Sweater: Gramps

    • Yes, I am happy with it now that it is finished. It was just frustrating how many mistakes I kept making because of how the terms were written inconsistently. If I ever knit another TCK pattern, I now know to attack it with a highlighter and some scissors for a little manual cut/paste.


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