Done! A Pair of Socks


I’m beyond excited to write this post because I’m still on my knitter’s high after completing my first pair of socks two days ago!  I never would have done it without learning how to do two at a time.  There are so many methods out there, but ultimately I settled on Antje Gillingham’s Two Socks on Two Circular Needles.

The mistake I most commonly made was using the wrong needle.  Cat Bordhi teaches a way to remember which needles to use in this video.  I suspect I might have been able to use the right needles had I used two of varying lengths (as recommended in the video and in the book which I only discovered after I had bought two of the same length).

While I enjoyed this method, I feel like I may now have the confidence to attempt the magic loop method.  I am never settled on only one way to do things.  I love to explore all my options.

Without further ado, the socks:





I used Antje’s basic woman’s sock pattern more as a guide.  I love how they fit my feet perfectly. The cashmere wool blend is utterly delightful.  These socks are going to be high maintenance as they will need to be hand washed and take about two days to dry, but I’m looking forward to wearing them often in the cooler months.

Notes on Ravelry.


7 responses to “Done! A Pair of Socks

    • I admit I am a little jealous of sock knitters, if only because they have found what they like knitting, stick to it, and then aren’t overwhelmed by so many varieties of impulse yarn in their stash.


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