Christmas in July: The Start of the Advent Calendar

Back in December of last year, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee shared with her readers the amazing advent calendar she had made for her nephew.  It was a wall hanging of a Christmas tree which was wonderfully adorned with miniatures that she had knitted or handsewn from felted scraps.

I’m not one to plan ahead, but I knew I wanted to make a similar one for my family.  She had a total of 24 items on her advent calendar so I figured I could make on average two a month and be set for Christmas of 2015.  Well, six months later, I had nothing to show for it so I enlisted one of my best friends Jenna to help me.  She’s a crocheter and here is officially the first “ornament” for our advent calendar.


I wanted to include an apple on our “tree” because my husband often brings home a bushel of apples when he returns from his out-of-state job site.  It was fitting for Jenna to make the apple since she’s been on a longterm assignment in NYC.

The apple was based on this pattern although I think my friend made a lot of improvisations.  I think she did a super cute job.  Little Wren stood mesmerized as the apple was stitched together.  I’m so delighted that she loves yarn like her momma; I can’t wait for her to sit alongside me in a few short years.

My contribution to the project this weekend is actually a sock I made for Wren when she was an infant.  Yes, I had only made the one sock.  I may chose to adorn it later but for now it will work as a little Christmas stocking.


So that’s two done and 22 more to go!


2 responses to “Christmas in July: The Start of the Advent Calendar

    • It’s 24 (or 25) little items that will likely have to be made two or three times. It’s a commitment, for sure, but one that should have a great return on investment. I say you should go for it!


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