WIP: A Sweater for Wren

My tape measurer was my preferred knitter’s tool last week.

I was busy scheming a new sweater design for my three year old Wren, so I was constantly measuring her chest, her arms, her back, etc. and comparing her dimensions to the Craft Yarn Council’s Size Standards.  She’s about a Size 4.

And then I was busy knitting gauge swatches and measuring those.

As I was early in the design process, I had only figured out the rough shape and construction for her cardigan.  I was inspired by Elizabeth Zimmerman’s tomten sweater, but I wanted to make it more delicate.  Garter rows and hoods have their charm, but I felt that this sweater should be worthy to be worn to a Christmas Eve service if I was going to go through this much effort.

I asked Wren if she’d prefer dots (i.e., colored stranding) or holes (i.e., lacework).  After some deliberation, she replied “both.”

I’ve watched enough Project Runway to know that the designer can nix whatever the customer wants as they are the ones who have to ensure the item is a success.

I couldn’t let myself do both.  So I thought about it a bit more and figured a lacy sweater would be more appropriate for a Christmas Eve service. So holes it is.

The cardigan is about a quarter of the way done.  I’d be further along in the project because I’ve had to tear back quite a few times.  I’m consoling myself with the simple fact that if I was further along, I’d have a horribly done sweater.  It’s better to work slow, especially with a couple of little girls running around.


Wren and her little sister Chickadee have been content to play beside me with a crochet hook and some waste yarn.  Seeing them contentedly jab at the yarn and the swatches brings a proud smile to my heart.  You see, my grandmother knit.  My mother crochets.  I knit.  And it seems my girls are destined to continue this pattern… or maybe they’ll do both.

The other evening, Wren and I were talking about our day and she told me she would like to knit.  It’s not the first time she’s expressed this desire, but her coordination and focus isn’t quite there yet.  (Yes, we’ve tried.)

Still I asked what would she make me if she could knit.

“A sweater,” she replied, knowing how to please my heart.

“And what would you make daddy if you could knit?” I asked.

“A stinky snake,” she answered with a giggle.

Unsure if she even understood what topic of conversation we were on, I asked, “And what would you make yourself if you could knit?”

“A sweater,” she answered quite assuredly.

So there you have it, knitted sweaters for the girls and a knitted stinky snake for daddy.  Is it too soon to create a Ravelry account for her?


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