WIP: This isn’t on the List

After the rush to get everything to the county fair for judging, I found myself with an extra week* to knit.  After the planning and detail that went into Wren’s lace cardigan, I chose to knit something simple.  After consulting the Knitter’s Almanac, I decided to wind some balls and cast on the Pi Shawl.

“Mindless knitting” isn’t your first thought when you hear the words Pi π Shawl, is it?  But trust me, this has been.

The premise of the pattern, simply stated, is that you double the stitches when the row count doubles.  The pattern is intended for a round shawl, but I didn’t have enough yarn** in my stash for a full circular shawl.  I figured that a half-circle increases at the same rate as a full-circle and cast on five stitches, instead of nine, accordingly.

Then I used seed stitch, stockinette stitch, and garter stitch.  I striped where I only had one 40 yard ball of a colour.  I just let the yarn speak for itself, really.  The only time I stopped to do something complicated was when I had increased to a total of 257 stitches.  This spot would lay lower on my back, and I felt it needed a little pizazz.  I’m quite happy with the seed stitch chevron although it was a little tedious to work.  I almost didn’t want to repeat the motif, but it fits the personality of the shawl perfectly and was worth the effort.  Of course, I went back to garter stitch.  This was supposed to be mindless knitting after all.

Although the shawl is off my needles at the moment, it isn’t done yet.  I need to add a border to the straight edge to keep the stockinette bits from rolling.  I also want to add an edging in dark blue to the curved side.  But first I’ll weave in the ends and give it a good blocking.  (I’m not the only one who blocks her project as it’s being worked, am I?)


Project Notes:  This shawl is truly one of a kind.  The yarn is an assortment of Aran-weight tapestry yarn spun by Bucilla and Hiawatha in 40 to 100 yard lengths which were likely discontinued before I was born.  I used US 9 circular needles.  Although a 29″ long needle was amply sufficient to work the number of stitches, I jumped up to a 51″ needle I had in my collection to see the shawl take shape.

– –

* I confused my dates for the registration and showed up one whole week early.

** I have more than enough yarn in my stash, but I wanted to use the tapestry yarn which I had a limited amount of.  Thanks, mum!


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    • I suppose that most of my color combination was done by someone else as I bought the yarn in a bag from a thrift store, and I was fortunate that it matched the yarn in another bag from my mum.

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