WIP: This isn’t on the List (Part II)

The yarn grew after blocking, and it drapes like a dream. Do you also see how the textured stitches came alive?  I just can’t get tired of looking at these colour and stitch combinations.

Chickadee wanted to model it for me yesterday after I had added the grey trim along the straight edge.  I’m undecided about the blue lace edging, so the shawl and yarn will be set aside for now.  It’s certainly wearable, by even the most petite as you can see in the image below.


Both of my girls are very involved in my knitting process.  They are my inspiration most of the time.  It just makes my heart smile knowing how much they appreciate knitted items and desire to imitate me.

Just yesterday, Wren grabbed a pair of my circular knitting needles and sat at her table.  She exclaimed, “Mommy, I’m going to make a dress with my needles!”

“It’s not ready,” she would announce several times over the next few minutes.  It was a phrase I’m sure I had uttered many a time as I knit her lace cardigan.

Wren continued to work, and quite quickly too, because hardly any time had passed before she had finished her garment.

She then gave the needles to her sister with one request, “Make me a shirt.”


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