Done! A Knitted Thank You

The following item was knit in the span of a few days. It is a brilliantly simple design by Alex Tinsley called Howlcat. It can be worn as a hat or a cowl. Invert the knitted fabric, and you get another hat or cowl.   
The brown yarn was spun from the fiber of a local alpaca that I gave to my grandmother-in-law, but it was returned to me. The variegated yarn was Mad Tosh Sock in Seawash from my trip to San Francisco earlier this year. I like that the yarn I chose for my husband’s hat has a personal history for him, and that perhaps he can remember his grandmother fondly as he wears it.

The only major modification I made to the design is that I ended with a folded hem which I whip stitched. I think it gives the simple hat a more professional look, not to mention neither the traditional bind off nor the Russian bind off were not stretchy enough. 

It was a lot of fun to knit up for my husband. It’s also a great project for stashbusting so expect to see a few more.

Also, I want to add a bit of housekeeping. As Christmas approaches, I am not likely to update the blog with many photos of completed projects. (Yes, dear family, expect hand made gifts from me this year.) Instead, I’ve decided to finally answer a few of those Liebster awards I’ve received over the years. 


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