Done! Another Detour

I’ve dabbled in sock knitting because there are so many ways to make one.  So when Pinterest recommended the following project to me, well, I could not resist.


The premise of this sock is that it is knit flat, top down, and with short rows shaping the toes and heel.  I was very intrigued.

Knowing my likelihood to not complete a pair, I cast on two socks onto one solitary needle.  To an ordinary person, this looks crazy.

When I switched to the main color for the body of the sock, and because I was at the time too lazy to fetch the digital scale to make two balls, I decided to pull from the outside and center.  To a knitter, this looks insane.

Six days after I started the project, I cast off.  (It helped that this was child-sized.)





These were cute and quick, but I just don’t see myself making them again.  Although, I think I can modify these to make some pretty nifty slippers.  Nah, that’s crazy talk.

Project Details:  The pattern is called Kristine Rocha’s Two Needle Socks and can be found on Anastasia Pollack’s blog called Killer Crafts and Crafty Killers.  It is not on Ravelry, and I am not keen on entering it into their database.  I followed the pattern as detailed only modifying the yarn weight, needle size, and seaming method.   I used US Size 4 (24″ Circular) and some Patons Worsted leftover in my stash. The finished project, although worked on larger yarn and needles than specified, fits my three and a half year old splendidly.  I did not use a crochet hook to seam the sides, and you can see how bulky the seams are on the inside despite being nearly invisible on the outside (as shown in the last photo above).  I would not recommend wearing these socks with shoes.


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