The Liebster Stops Here (Part I)

A small-time blogger recommends other small-time blogs in the form of a Liebster award nomination.  The nominated blogger is expected to then nominate other small-time blogs.  (A small-time blog is usually defined as under 200 readers but sometimes under 500).  The essence of this “chain-letter” nomination is to promote blogging and to share interests.

Ladies and gentlemen, I will recognize your Liebster nominations.  I will even answer your Liebster questions.  However, that is the extent of my participation.  I will not nominate other bloggers and expect them to answer my questions.

This is why:  Due to the recent rash of nominations I’ve received, I’m finding that the pool of new (read: previously un-nominated) blogs to nominate is getting smaller and smaller.  Also, I can’t possibly nominate over 50 small-time blogs.  That would not be interesting reading material to you, and I don’t even know that I follow that many!

I will share links to my favourite blogs, however, not all of them are small-time.  I will also branch out of the crafting world to share topics that I think are important.  So at the end of each set of questions, I will strive to link to a small-time knitting blog, a big-time knitting blog, an adoption blog, and then to a fourth blog which may or may not fit into any of those categories.  I just want to give these bloggers a well-deserved recognition without any extra effort required on their part.

– –

SimplyMe is the blogger behind Expresso!!  She often expresses her writing in poetry form. She is also the very first person (Thank you!) to have nominated me for a Liebster Award… back in May of 2014.  Oops!  <hangs head in shame>

She actually nominated my personal blog. Since she also follows my knitting blog, I will answer her questions here.

What is the number one reason you started your blog?

Which one?  😉 Each of my blogs started because I wanted to share my passions with someone.  My very first blog, Search and Snap, was created as a way to manage digital photograph scavenger hunt.  It had a good run, and I would love to see it get revived some day.  My next, and truly first, blog was Vin in Va.  I documented all of the wineries I visited in Virginia.  Both blogs went dormant when our first daughter was born, but then my personal blog (Polly’s Blog) sprung alive.  Then I started to seriously knit.  After a while, I needed a bigger space to talk about this craft and thus For a Loop was started.

What is a name you hate based on a bad grade school experience with someone?

These are the names I would never give my children:  Cassie, Anthony, Wendy.

A sentence or two describing a happy memory from your childhood.

I’d walk the farm for quite a bit before settling on a shady spot for the afternoon.  I’d have brought with me my mum’s cold lemonade and a book to read.

Three favorite online shopping websites.

I have a dislike for shopping online.  I prefer to personally handle my purchase.  That being said, I do buy my paper books from and my electronic books from  I guess the other shopping website I frequent the most is likely

How old were you before you stopped believing in Santa Claus?

My parents were very forthright with me, so I never believed in Santa Claus.  Still, I remember begging my mum when I was four to let me sit on Santa Claus’ lap when I spotted him once in a department store, and I might have even written a short story about being Santa Claus’ daughter later on in school. I think I only got into the debate amongst the kids in the cafeteria once when I was six, so I don’t think that I really spoiled anyone’s imagination.

Sailboat or cruise ship?

It would have to be a cruise ship because I don’t know how to operate a sailboat nor could I afford one.  I’m afraid I don’t run in circles where people have sailboats.  I would also prefer a cruise ship so that I could sit on the deck watching the waves with my knitting all day long without worrying about any seaspray.

It’s your birthday.  What’s for dessert?

Two scoops of chocolate ice cream in a waffle cone.

Do you have a former favourite outfit that you’re now embarrassed of? What was it, and why does it make you just ask “why??”

I have two answers.

The first is a specific outfit:  I was six going on seven, and I remember family members repeatedly trying to talk me out of the outfit in question.  It was a purple shirt with red shorts. The older me agrees with everyone else and wishes they had just taken a pair of scissors to the ensemble or ruined it with bleach in the wash.  Although, being the late 80s, that would probably have improved the look…

The second is a general style of the late 90s.  It was high school, and no one wore form fitting t-shirts.  Large and X-Large were preferred.  I still have a handful of those shirts which I was able to wear during my pregnancy.  With room, I might add.

If you won the lottery what would you do first?

I’d find a good accountant!  Then, with his or her blessing, I’d pay off my mortgage and buy a new home with a yard.

Are you a morning person?

Once you get me up, yes.  I am a heavy sleeper, so it is hard for me to wake up, but I do the blissful quiet, cool mornings and the songs of birds welcoming the day.

Do you have any tips for me? Any advice is greatly wanted and needed.

This is my simple motto which is paraphrased from Psalm 111:10:  Always seek the truth and do the best you can.

– –

Now, to my blog recommendations!  I’ve selected to share these four together as I think we’d all get along splendidly.

Long Tall Yarn – Sarah befriended me my freshman year at university.  She is why I knit.  Had I been smart, I would have asked her to teach me how to knit before we moved to different states.  She writes a bit about knitting, mothering and homesteading. She would probably have more time to blog if I wasn’t pestering her with text messages and emails about theoretical knitting techniques.

Earth Chick Knits – Stacey is a gifted woman.  She is a spinner, knitter, weaver, wife, mother, and pastor.  I love seeing her earth-toned creations that she posts on her blog.

Schatting Shire Shop – Melanie talks about church tradition, and she will also share a knitting pattern that coincides with the topic.  She is also a nurse/mid-wife who approaches each post, despite its topic, in a scholarly manner.

Kimbelina – Kimberly is fun to follow!  She frequently posts completed knitting projects.  She is an adoptive mother to two children.  She has shown me how to be a “normal” mom despite being an “adoptive” mom.  She doesn’t dwell on adoption, but when she writes about it, I learn a lot.


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