About That New Year’s Resolution…

It’s October, already?  Well, I guess that means it’s time for a progress report.  (For a detailed description of what I had planned to knit in 2015, check out this post.)


Hmm, this looks just like the last progress report I made in July even though I have knit a bunch of stuff since then.  I guess I’ve been distracted.

It’s time to assess, realistically.  I’ve still got nearly three months of knitting before the year’s up.  Will that be enough time for me to cross off the remaining items off my list?  Sure, but I’ve lost some enthusiasm.

I will most definitely still make the sweater for Chickadee to coordinate with her sister’s sweater.  I think I’ve just hesitated getting started on this project because I have concerns about the yarn (and this is a topic for a whole ‘other post).

However, I have completely lost the momentum for the advent calendar.  I think part of the problem is that I don’t actually have any of the fingering weight yarn which adds to the charm of such a project.  I’ve got loads and loads of worsted weight yarn, but despite my efforts, they can’t achieve that cutesy factor I was hoping for.

The pullover for myself was a dream list item that I make at the end of the year.  A woolen pat on the back.  That would hug me and keep me warm.   It would have been the grand finale, and I don’t know if it will have the same effect if I don’t finish that advent calendar.

Maybe my mood about all of this will improve once I finish Chickadee’s sweater.


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