Niche Knitting

I am envious of sock knitters.  They seem to like knitting sock after sock and churn out dozens a year.

Then there are the shawl knitters.  They seem to like knitting shawls and make gorgeous wraps quite rapidly.

I have always wondered what their secret was.

I dream of becoming a niche knitter, too.

I enjoy the methodical act of knitting, but I sometimes find it very tedious (cumbersome, expensive, etc.) having to go buy a new set of needles to accommodate a new yarn for a new project.  Not to mention how at unrest I am when I am in between projects, especially when the next project hasn’t been identified yet.  How perfect (convenient, simple, etc.) it must be to know what weight yarn to always buy and to always have the right needle sizes on hand!


Maybe that’s why I’ve been at odds with my to-knit list this year because it’s been so varied.

Maybe the truth is also this: I’m not ready to settle down just yet.

– –

What projects do you find yourself drawn to knit?  Or are you still adventurously knitting everything, like me?


6 responses to “Niche Knitting

    • Yes, I suppose you are right, but I do know several women (IRL) who only knit socks. I was thinking of them specifically when I wrote this.

      I recently purchased a set of interchangeable needles, and the last seven projects I’ve made since that purchase have been hats… all worsted weight… on size seven needles. Part of that, though, is my reluctance to take the plunge on my next sweater project.

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      • Wow. I’m proud to have made a pair of socks and all, but I think I would get bored if I didn’t knit anything else. I would much rather be the eclectic knitter I am and deal with a little angst here and there 🙂


  1. I actually envy people who knit everything! I knit almost entirely sweaters – occasional variation with a shawl or a hat, but it’s mostly hot enough here that I don’t like spending my time on cold-weather accessories, and most of my shoes aren’t handknit sock friendly. So I rarely get the gratification of a small project – everything is sort of epic (in length, not usually difficulty).

    Maybe it’s just a sweater thing, but I have given in and bought a ton of new needles over the last three years or so – most are size 6, but I have everything from size 1 to size 10.5, and many in multiple lengths (I tend to err on the side of long because I use magic loop for small knitting in the round). I also have a big stash because I buy thinking I’ll make one thing and then I decide on something else that needs different yarn! So I’m not sure that’s a niche thing as much as a discipline/planning thing (though sweaters have a lot more variety than socks).


    • One of these days I will share a photo of my needles stash. Despite having so many, I find I always need another one to get gauge or to accommodate the size of a project. I wish I had switched to interchangeables sooner. It would have saved me so much money. It’s only recently I’ve entered into the world of knitting for adults… And I guess I’m trying to be grown-up about my knitting decisions, too. I’ve used up almost every skein of yarn I bought this year as well as making a big dent in my yarn stash.


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