Deadline Knitting

I have entered the world of knitting for profit (if there is such a thing).  I have been busy working on releasing a hat pattern (shown at bottom), but I plan on also selling the hats. A couple of weeks ago, I received my first order for two hats.  As I was awaiting the color details to be finalized, I allowed myself a little break to make a cool weather cowl.  I made decent progress on that cowl when I was invited to attend a little boy’s birthday party on short notice.

My options were to go out to the store and buy him something with a “Made in China” sticker attached or to spend the next two days making him a hat.  I chose to make him a hat which I’m happy to report was gifted on time.  I couldn’t attend the party, and I never heard boo from the child or his mother, so I am just assuming it was well received.


The customer got back to me with her color choices, and the cowl continues to be on break as I work on my commissioned pieces.  The first hat is done (shown far right), and I will cast on for the second hat today.  Then… maybe… hopefully… I can return to being a monogamous knitter.


I already have a couple of test knitters assisting me with this hat project, but I could use a pair of fresh eyes on the next (and hopefully final) revision.  If you are interested, please let me know in the comments below or via email (polwygle [@] gmail [.] com).

This pattern will be available in four sizes from toddler on up.  You should already have two or three color ways of worsted weight wool in your stash and think you can knit a hat in a week’s time (as a point of reference, it takes me two days).  It requires basic knowledge of knitting in the round and stranded color work.

I can’t offer much at this point in terms of compensation, but you would have my heartfelt appreciation.


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