Swatching the Shellseeker (NaKniSweMo 2015 – Part 2)

It’s November 5th, and I am still swatching for my Shellseeker.

I have oodles of worsted weight yarn, but I don’t have as many single color quantities as I thought I had. This means I’ll have to improvise by adding more colour into the sweater.

The first time around, I got perfect row gauge but I was off by a few on my stitch gauge. You know, the important part.

I decided to re-swatch on larger needles by making a hat. I’m glad I did. It was a disaster. Evidently I needed to practice carrying my yarn vertically. It was also good to, erm, check the colour volumes for effect. Let’s just say, the combination looked better in my head.

Here is my latest attempt. It’s been soaked and is currently drying. I can’t wait to see how close I am to 20 stitches per 4″ this time around.  I would like to actually start this sweater before the week is up!

What I’ve learned is that I didn’t need to do any fancy techniques to obfuscate the colour change. For whatever reason, the jogless jog made the transition more obvious. Could this have had something to do with the fact the stripes are only two rows deep?

Once the hat is finished blocking, I’ll add a red pompom on top and gift it to a little girl in the neighborhood. I’m tickled by the thought that we may end up matching each other.


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