The Ugly Truth (NaKniSweMo 2015 – Part 5)


This pocket detail is one of the major reasons I chose to knit Shellseeker. The split hem is another. 

If I zoom in on the sweater both of these details look pretty, but one of them has a dirty little secret. 

This was taken yesterday:


This is what happened overnight:


Even the modified collar is starting to misbehave as well…

I already tore it out the offending hem once and re-knit it loosely. Do I need to go up yet another needle size to fix this? 

I am at a loss. While I await your sage advice, I’m going to work on the first sleeve. 


3 responses to “The Ugly Truth (NaKniSweMo 2015 – Part 5)

  1. Going up a needle size should help. I’ve seen some knitters do a row of seed stitch between stockinette and ribbing. I personally don’t like that look, I’ve tried it a couple times. It did work though.

    Last sweater I had this issue on, I ran a 1 mm strand of elastic through the bind off. It worked like a charm and let me avoid ripping & re-knitting. I typically make the lazy knitters choice πŸ™‚


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