Where do I buy blaze orange yarn?

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Okay, everyone, I need your help.  My husband has requested a hat to be made in “blaze orange.”  This translates to fluorescent orange, neon orange, or hunter orange.  The main point is that it needs to be high visibility orange.

It should be wool.  It can be worsted weight or lighter.

Does anyone have any ideas what yarn could be used for this project? Also, since I’m likely to buy this online, what is your recommended store for internet shopping?

I’m a little disappointed with Woolery, Webs and KnitPicks.  I can’t seem to use their search to filter down color, fiber and weight.  It might be easier if I knew ahead of time what brand of yarn I wanted… which is why I need your help.

I’m US-based, if that makes a difference.

Your suggestions are greatly appreciated.




9 responses to “Where do I buy blaze orange yarn?

    • Thank you for your suggestion! I have used Brown Sheep in the past so I know of their quality. I checked their different brands but didn’t see anything that would work.


    • Wonderful! While I like the vibrancy of this one, our neighbor who hunts vetoed it. I will have to check out this yarn label next year though as I liked what I saw.


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