Knitting Resolutions (2016)

We are in the middle of the holidays here still.  Christmas was celebrated in three states last week, and we are back home to ring in the New Year on Friday.  Due to the nature of my husband’s job which is manufacturing, we have enjoyed the two-week break while the equipment is being inspected and inventory being tallied.

Break might not be the best choice of words because things here are hectic.  We are still recovering from colds and the multi-state journey with two little ones.

I would never have imagined that I would have two girls so close in age — precisely eighteen months to the day.  It’s nothing I would have ever planned, but we’re rolling with the blessings God has chosen to give us.

So why are things hectic?  We are purging the contents of this house while living in it.

Do we really need 40 tee shirts?  Twelve blankets? Four sets of dinner plates?   You get the idea.

The yarn is another story.  You can never have too much wool.

I am trying to be realistic about my knitting expectations in this upcoming year.  I have thoroughly enjoyed working my way through my to-knit list of 2015.  It was hectic at times (I’m looking at you, NaKniSweMo), but overall quite worth it.

I challenged myself to learn new techniques while making new garments. All in all, I didn’t get terribly distracted (I’m looking at you, the twelve hats I made since August).

This I regret:  I did not spare enough time to work on my TKGA Master Hand Knitter’s Program Level One coursework.  So, in looking ahead, I will make that a priority in the new year. Still, the to-knit-list is mighty appealing.

So, without further ado, the To-Knit List of 2016:

  • TKGA MHK L1 Coursework
  • Capped, Fingerless Mittens for my husband
  • A Hunting Cap for my husband
  • Mittens for my daughters
  • Cowls for my daughters
  • A Shawl for me



5 responses to “Knitting Resolutions (2016)

    • A knitting list is fun because it’s more than a queue. It helps me understand what I want to make and why. Evidently this year I want to make my family warm. 🙂 Happy New Year to you!


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