Custom Scarf for Chickadee (Part 1)

I know you’ve seen them, the colorful fair isle scarves on Ravelry and Pinterest.


Well, the bug bit me, and I had to make one for Chickadee.  I had just finished Wren’s cowl, and I vaguely knew what I wanted to do. The only major difference is that I’ve chosen to go monochromatic!  I cast on 70 stitches to work the stripes and then increased by 2 stitches to make for a motif-friendly stitch count of 72.

The first segment of this infinity scarf measures about 22″ long.  I am hoping to make this 4.5′ to 5′ long so that it can wrap around her head twice.  I think this means I’m about a third of the way done.  (Although I had exceptional math skills, I was never good at arithmetic!)

Shown above are two of my cherished details thus far:  owls, they are her favourite birds at the moment, and the Fana star because, well, that’s how her sister says her name.

Though it’s time to take a break and direct my attention to a few other projects, I can’t wait to come back with another update when the next third is completed!


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