Gansey Getaway: Five Reasons to Join

It’s donned on me that while I have been busy talking about the history of the gansey I haven’t talked much about our knitalong which runs from the beginning of September right through the end of the month.  What better way than to persuade you to join than to create a list with all of the benefits!

  1. It follows the Ravellenics and precedes NaKniSweMo.
  2. Unlike the Ravellenics, you have an entire month to knit this project.
  3. Unlike NaKniSweMo, you can knit a child-sized sweater.
  4. You will have the opportunity to knit an authentic sweater since we are learning the history of a gansey.
  5. Bloggers who participate will have a chance to win a copy of Fishing for Ganseys.


Fishing for Ganseys is a result of the Moray Firth Gansey Project several years ago.  It “gives an outline of the project’s research findings, with lots of stories, photos and charts of the stitch variations we came across in the Moray Firth area, plus a gansey pattern and links to other research.”  If you have any interest in knitting history, you will want to add this to your collection.

I plan on ordering a set of three:  one of which I will keep, one for Sarah who is co-hosting this knit along, and one for a to-be-randomly-selected fellow knitter-slash-blogger who will join us on this knitcation.  So what do you say, will you add your blog to our list below?


Blogs Participating in the #GanseyKAL:

  1. Knit Me For a Loop (Hey, that’s this blog!)
  2. Long Tall Yarn
  3. (Insert your blog here.)

My Previous Blog Posts in the Series:

  1. To Gansey We Will Knit!
  2. What is a Gansey Anyway?
  3. Ganseys versus Arans

8 responses to “Gansey Getaway: Five Reasons to Join

    • Let me know by the 31st of October where to send the booklet, Mogs. Contact me at polwygle-a-t-gmail-d-o-t-c-o-m-. I’m trying to foible the spam-bots so let me know if you need clarification.


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