Talking Gansey

Gansey seems to be the buzz word in the knitting world at the moment.  It isn’t just our merry band of knitters talking about it either.

Sarah alerted me to this post on Fringe Association about Aran sweaters (just two days after mine) which went on a side tangent about ganseys.  Go ahead and take a read.  A couple of the books mentioned in the post just came in from my library, and I can’t wait to read them.


I think I’m finally ready to reveal the gansey pattern I’ll knit in my next post in the series.  Stay tuned!

Blogs Participating in the #GanseyKAL:

  1. Knit Me For a Loop (Hey, that’s this blog!)
  2. Long Tall Yarn
  3. Made by Mogs
  4. (Insert your blog here.)

My Previous Blog Posts in the Series:

  1. To Gansey We Will Knit!
  2. What is a Gansey Anyway?
  3. Ganseys versus Arans
  4. Gansey Getaway:  Five Reasons to Join

4 responses to “Talking Gansey

  1. Jared Flood has done some lovely modern ganseys. I’m definitely more gansey than aran. Aran sweaters can be too busy–to wear and to knit! Can’t wait to see what you’ve picked!


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