Our History of Collaborating

Our first collaboration occurred before I was a knitter.  I don’t remember how the project got started exactly, perhaps Sarah can fill in some of those details.

Sarah and I became roommates towards the end of our time at college.  What I know is that when we weren’t reading about French prostitutes (among several, Sartre’s La P… Respectueuse is the one that remains etched in my memory) or cataloguing local bugs (for an entomology class of hers), we were writing a variety of stories that reflected our lives.  This included character studies on some unique people from our workplaces, the history behind the sneaking-in of an upright grand piano onto the eighth-floor of our dorm, and a devotional featuring a flow-chart.  I’d say we were an odd duo, but we still are.

Sometimes we’d ask our friends to contribute to the anthology which we entitled The Mind’s Meanderings:  Ask Me Again in Five Minutes.  There’s a delightful piece from our dorm mate about her family dog.  Someone even submitted a song.  (He may have been coerced.) It’s quite a unique collection of memories from our youthful adulthood.

Our next collaboration came many years later and was our first knit along.  I have opinions about knit alongs.  Like most of my opinions which were prevalent in the Meanderings, it involves a conspiracy theory of sorts.

I dislike the general idea of a knit along because they are generally focused on a singular pattern.  A lot of the time, a knit along seems to be a way to promote the sales of a pattern.  I am not anti-profit, but I don’t like being coerced into giving up money (which I don’t earn, my husband does) to participate in a knitting project with people I don’t know.

This is how that first knit along came about in 2014.

We both wanted to knit a sweater; it turns out at the same time.  To make it more interesting, we both decided to knit a sweater using the pattern’s recommended yarn.  I’ll let Sarah tell you sometime about how it went for her.  I still have mixed feelings about mine.

It was a pleasure to use the yarn and to see it appear exactly as it did in the book.  However, I should have trusted my guts and not used a single-ply yarn for a sweater.  After having been worn just a handful of times, it was full of the P word.  The cursed English one knitter’s have nightmares about.  Pilling.

Le sigh.

This project made me doubt the designer.  While I still admire the rest of the projects in her book, I am hesitant to trust her choice of yarns ever again.

That somehow brings me to our current knit along.  (My professors always chided me on not having smoother transitions in my writing.)  We’re not pressuring you to buy a specific pattern or some fancy yarn.  We just want to knit some sweaters for our little kids.  And like our very first collaboration, we’re extending the invitation to anyone who dares show interest in our project.  Basically, if you click like on this post, you are invited.

Giveaway Update!  I got the notice last week that the three copies of Fishing for Gansey were shipped.  If you are curious as to how you can win a copy for your knitting library, go read the post in which I list Five Reasons to Join our Gansey Getaway.

I promise I will write about the pattern I’ve selected soon enough.  While I was at the library gathering more resources to read on ganseys, I came across a book by Elizabeth Lovick featured on the shelf.  I’m thinking that our little Gansey Getaway during the month of September will have to have a few scenic detours. I don’t think you’ll mind.


How to participate in the Gansey Getaway KAL:

  1. Comment that you are going to join.
  2. Tell us your blog name!
  3. Pick a pattern of your own choosing.  (We recommend a child-size one.)
  4. Cast on your first stitches on September 1st.
  5. Cast off your last stitches on September 30th.

Blogs Participating in the #GanseyKAL:

  1. Knit Me For a Loop (Hey, that’s this blog!)
  2. Long Tall Yarn
  3. Made by Mogs
  4. (Insert your blog here.)

My Previous Blog Posts in the Series:

  1. To Gansey We Will Knit!
  2. What is a Gansey Anyway?
  3. Ganseys versus Arans
  4. Gansey Getaway:  Five Reasons to Join
  5. Talking Gansey



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