Pattern Selection Revealed: Child’s Gansey

Right around the time that Sarah and I were plotting our knit-along, the summer issue of Cast-On arrived.  It featured two articles about ganseys and three patterns (two for adults and one for children).  It effectively sealed the deal for us as to what we would do for our knitcation.

I have done my due diligence perusing Ravelry and adding over a dozen gansey-themed little sweaters to my favorites.  But at the end of the day, the one pattern I want to knit for the #GanseyKAL is Child’s Gansey by Carolyn Vance which was published in the Cast-On magazine.

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 2.50.46 PM

It is very ornate, more ornate than the ones I’ve spotted from my research.  It sports several cables and garter ribbing.  The one pictured in the magazine is knit with a gray yarn, but I am going to use some dark blue from my stash.  Even though it is being modeled by a boy, I think it is going to look smart on my little girl who is going to be an official preschooler next wink.

I must wait until Thursday to cast on, but I will go ahead and start swatching.  I’m going out of town briefly and want to make sure that I will have all of my supplies with me.

What will you be knitting?


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