I had the best of intentions to knit a child-sized gansey last month. I had my yarn, and I had my pattern.  I had even knit an adult-sized sweater for myself last November so I knew I was capable of completing a smaller sweater.

Only, I didn’t.

The problem began when my husband and I drove separately to visit our parents Labor Day weekend.  Ordinarily, that should have been ten easy hours of knitting time for me as a passenger.

I did manage to cast on that weekend (on a boat, in a lake, in the mountains of West Virginia). Unfortunately, back on dry land, I discovered the worst thing that could happen to someone who is joining well over 100 stitches in the round:  a twist.

I ripped it out, and started the channel island cast on again when we got back to Virginia.  It is a tedious cast-on which requires a breather afterwards.  Then church commitments picked back up, preschool drop offs and pick ups, a birthday party and prayer breakfast hosting duties, projects in the new house, husband’s three extended business travels —  all this left me too tired to think about knitting once the girls finally asleep at night. Before I realized it, the month of September had concluded.

Yesterday, one of the girls was sick, and I knew that I could get away with knitting as I sat by her side.  I worked a few more rows to take a picture of the progress… It was then as I admired my work, I saw the fatal flaw:  another twist.

The project and I aren’t on speaking terms right now.

#ganseykal #failedtolaunch


9 responses to “*Failed*

  1. Oh boooo. Meanwhile, I’m still over here, trying to find time to get this back on my “try” list for 2016. I have a nephew on the way and thought, how cool would it be for me to do a simple blanket…yeah, so, now I’m cruising etsy! 🙂


    • Ooh, a new baby in the family! Maybe it would be easier to learn how to sew a blanket at this point. (I’m speaking from my experience of learning how to knit the year everyone had babies.)

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    • The gansey vest you made for Chickadee (that she is wearing to school today!) is beckoning me to make a coordinating sweater for her sister. Can you please remind me what yarn you used?


  2. I hate that. Ugh! Sometimes we’re just too wiped out to do anything that requires attention. Don’t worry! You’ll be back and rested soon enough. Or you could always try working on a “mindless” knit in the meantime. 🙂 Hang in there!


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