The New-to-Me Project Bag

The last post was full of fail, but I promise this one is significantly better.  It’s about one of my greatest yard sale finds.


According to the lady I bought it from, her daughter had purchased this bag in Peru.  It’s delightfully exquisite.

I don’t know much about the bag’s origins; there is no label.  It’s definitely made with wool yarn that’s been woven.  I don’t know much about weaving to say if it was hand woven or made by a machine.  Certainly the sewing was done by machine.  Its lining was in need of some tender repair which is probably why I got it for a steal.

I would have considered paying much more for the bag, but it only cost me $5 (and nothing for the thread and needle I already had at home).  This morning, I enjoyed some quiet time on my back deck as both girls were off at preschool.  It only took about fifteen minutes for me to make some quick repairs.  I may have to replace the lining altogether in a few years, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

As I repaired the bag stitch by stitch, I couldn’t help but think about Morgan’s blogging contribution to Slow Fashion October.  She wrote about taking care of the things we love.  So true.

You can tell the previous owner loved this bag (why else would she have bought it in the first place?).  Even though the tears are a result of use, the outside is stain-free and in excellent condition.  You can tell the current owner loves this bag (why else would I have bought it?).  The tears have been mended, and it will be put to use tonight.

The bag is not sturdy enough to be used as a book bag or even a purse.  No worries.  I plan on using it as a project bag for my next knitting project (which is currently not a gansey).



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