About that New Year’s Resolution… (2016)

When I made my to-knit list back at the start of the year, I hadn’t realized that this would have been a year of transition.   Having lived in our old home for over a decade, we took routine for granted.  It was easy to find time to knit.  This year, however, we found ourselves uprooted for several months.  While we’re mostly settled into our new home, the girls and I are still trying to find a routine that works for us.

It has been hard to find guilt-free knitting time, and I have tried to limit myself to simple projects.  Like hats.



Thinking it would only take me two weeks to make woolen pants for a baby, I started a pair of pants back before the move.  I just cast them off my needles last night.  Let me tell you how liberating it is to be free of that project.  I really am a monogamous knitter.

Every now and then I’m reminded of the knitting goals I set for myself this year.   It’s just a thought I’m able to easily hide away, but maybe if I sit down to address each item individually, I’ll be motivated once again.

The To-Knit List of 2016 is as follows:

  • TKGA MHK L1 Coursework

I ended up dying the yarn I was saving for my master hand knitting coursework…

  • Capped, Fingerless Mittens for my husband
  • A Hunting Cap for my husband

I still haven’t acquired the blaze orange yarn for my husband’s hunting cap, and because I want his mittens to match, I haven’t started on those yet either.

  • Mittens for my daughters


I know I have appropriate yarn in my stash for them.  I even have a few patterns favorited on Ravelry.  Maybe with the cooler weather upon us I will finally be motivated to make them each a pair.


  • Cowls for my daughters

I am glad I can check off the cowls for my daughters.  I’ll have to write about them in a different post.  Like the two girls they were made for, the cowls couldn’t be more different.

  • A Shawl for me

I actually am nearly done with my shawl.  Fogknits recommended the Muh Muhs pattern.  It worked up quickly with bulky yarn, but it became evident that the move was affecting my ability to read written lace instructions that I had to put it down.  It’s been in limbo since May.

Well, that wasn’t so painful.  I think I will see about finishing the shawl next.


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