Done! Mittens

The cold weather snuck up on me… as usual.  Thankfully, it didn’t take long to knit up two pairs of mittens for the girls.  And just in time, too!




I didn’t follow a pattern.  I just traced a hand as a template and used some math to figure it out on the fly.  I loosely based the color work on Chickadee’s mittens on my Raptured Hat pattern.    Wren’s mittens are more plain for now.  I think I want to embroider a flower on them, or perhaps do a duplicate stitch, but until I figure that out she’s been wearing them happily.

My husband, who requested a pair for himself last year, is starting to get jealous.  Unfortunately for him, he wants something a little more complicated.  Capped, fingertip-less gloves (as opposed to fingerless mittens).  I am still undecided on which pattern to use for him.  He wants it to match the fingering weight yarn I used for his Howlcat.  Since the yarn is variegated, I have been trying to find a pattern that is stranded to avoid any pooling.

Perhaps I’ll have to make him an original pair as well.


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