Knitting Resolutions (2016): The Moment of Truth

Even though I kept my to-knit list for the year short, I managed to not stick with it.

In the spirit of bullet journaling, I will just tack the following unfinished items onto next year’s to-knit list.

The pattern and yarn for the capped, fingerless mittens have been identified.  With my husband’s birthday next week, there is no reason I should not get those started soon.

He’s graciously relieved me from knitting him his blaze orange hunting cap.  Possibly because he really wants those mittens.  I hope to still surprise him with it next Christmas.

The only thing keeping me from completing the shawl is myself.  I am less than 30 rows from being finished (if that?) but there’s just a mental block keeping me from finishing it.


My Best Nine Instagram Photos of 2016

In addition to working on the unfinished items from this year’s list, I still want to make a coordinating sweater for the girls, a goal I set for myself in 2015.  What I envision happening is this:  I will re-size Wren’s lace cardigan for her now that she’s grown.  (This child can now reach the top shelf of the pantry! Yikes!)  There are a few other projects I’ve been knitting behind the scenes that I want to get serious about releasing as a pattern set.

I’m not going to beat myself up about not keeping to my list this year because I know that not only did I knit a lot, but I learned a lot about knitting. That being said… I’m really excited for 2017.

Happy New Year!


2 responses to “Knitting Resolutions (2016): The Moment of Truth

  1. I am with you on the lists–whatever doesn’t get accomplished is always waiting and from your posts it sure does seem you did a lot of both knitting and learning this year. My lists never quite go to plan . . . but I just take it to mean that I was already heading in unexpected directions. Oh, and of course, your kids and their knits are adorable!!

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