WIP: Men’s Mittens

My husband is the literal definition of patient and long-suffering.  For over two years, he has waited for me to knit him a pair of mittens.

Initially, he was very specific in his, well, specifications.

The mittens should be convertible.  Most importantly, the open hand should resemble fingerless gloves and not fingerless mittens.

Ten little slots for fingers and thumbs was something I felt was outside my skillset, and I tried to entice him to approve other patterns.  The one he did approve was in Norwegian which I don’t speak.  I had most of it translated (thanks to Google), but I was concerned about one aspect of it and never started it even after identifying the yarns in my stash for the project.

Finally, he relented and allowed me to search for a pattern that was convertible with fingerless mittens under the cap. A new pattern (actually, it’s a vintage pattern) was identified, and the project was cast-on the next day.

It’s been over a month, and I’m nearly finished… with the first mitten.  The poor man will likely have to wait to wear the completed set next fall.


My Project Notes Here.



7 responses to “WIP: Men’s Mittens

  1. So nice of you to knit these for him! I love the specifications he came up with. My husband is often very specific about knitwear and accessories . . . but when he starts looking at patterns, he often selects something that looks like it’s straight out of 1980! Nothing wrong with that decade (!) but I suppose I’d prefer not to knit it! haha! Great mittens!!


  2. They look stylish, sensible, and durable. They should be a great addition to the wardrobe. When I make something like this I always feel nervous about one getting lost. Best wishes!


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