The Dream-Knit List (2016)

In my previous post, I listed all the serious (i.e., necessary) items I want to craft in this new year.  (Happy New Year, by the way!)

The To-Knit List of 2016 is as follows:

  • TKGA MHK L1 Coursework
  • Capped, Fingerless Mittens for my husband
  • A Hunting Cap for my husband
  • Mittens for my daughters
  • Cowls for my daughters
  • A Shawl for me

There were some items I neglected to include in that list.  They’ve been percolating around in my brain for some time, and I think this is the year I make them for the girls.  I’m talking about hooded capes.

It all started when Chickadee started to wrap herself in the textured half-pi shawl.


So of course I ran to Ravelry and started building a bundle of hooded capes for my girls.  Here’s a sampling:


Capuchon designed by Tagil Perlmutter.  Hooded Cape and Cape published by Sirdar Spinning Ltd.  Wee Melia designed by Ysolda.  Shoulder Cape published by Debbie Bliss.

Another thing I would love to knit for my girls this year is socks.  (I haven’t had enough coffee to fully comprehend the grammar of that last sentence so forgive me if I’ve erred.)

The socks don’t need to be fancy.  They simply need to be made.  🙂

So, here’s the start of my Dream-Knit List of 2016:

  • Hooded capes for the girls
  • Socks for the girls

While I’m at it:

  • Another pair of socks for me.

What extra items do you want to make this year?



7 responses to “The Dream-Knit List (2016)

    • That sounds like a fun knit. 🙂 Just yesterday Wren wrapped herself in her security said it was a hooded cape… I think I better hurry up and knit these for them.


  1. i like your list. I love that it is mostly for the family ❤ this is my first year (2015) that knit for myself. But I enjoy knitting for our bunch too much ;)I have not made a list as yet but I think that is because the list of my unfinished projects is far too long and lingers in back of mind… sigh.
    I like the hooded capes and look forward to see which ones you choose. luck!


    • Yes! Last year I knit quite a few things for myself, and quite a few more for everyone else. 🙂 I am trying to be more leisurely with my knitting (allowing time for study), but I hope I can make a decision about those capes before long. I’d like the girls to wear them before the warm weather returns!


  2. Those little capes are so cute! I think I may be taking a cue from the little ones, but I want to work on shawls this year for myself. I want something warm, swishy, and beautiful just for me.

    And for socks, if you get bored of tiny plain socks, you can always throw a little ribbing on it or do a broken ribbing. But those socks might go so quickly, you might just want to do plain socks in fun colors.


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