WIP: Cool Weather Cowl

I wanted to write about this never-ending project.  I started it back in September, and it has been laughing at my claims of being a monogamous knitter ever since.  Because of several deadlines (most of which I admit were self-imposed), this cowl was forced to go on the sidelines. Once I picked it up again, I found I could hardly stand to knit more than two rows at a time.

The yarn is a mohair blended with acrylic.  It is toasty.  This little lacy cowl will keep my daughter Wren warm.  I know this because my fingers start to sweat after a couple of rows.

Since I published the pattern Cool Weather Cowl and shared it on Ravelry last year, I have enjoyed seeing other people complete their version.  It’s been interesting discovering how other yarns work up in the pattern.

This was originally written for a sport-weight alpaca blend, and it had a lot of drape due to the nature of the alpaca.  Although several of the yarns used by other knitters were sport-weight, their projects don’t seem as loose or airy.  One knitter has mentioned how she’s been disappointed.

As I already mentioned, I’m working this up with a mohair blend on the same size needles as my previous version (US 5).  While it still has the airy appearance I like, the cowl size is smaller. I doubt it will grow much after blocking.

This project is a good reminder that yarns behave differently.  When substituting yarns, always check gauge as well as the other characteristics of a yarn such as drape and texture.  Needle size and fiber content can affect these elements.

FullSizeRender (1)

I’m nearing the end of the project and should be done in four days (that’s eight rows left, if you were keeping count).  I refuse to start another project until this one is completed. I admit I’m enjoying the slow knitting pace coming at the end of my manic knitting last year.


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