Knitting Resolutions (2015): The Moment of Truth

The year’s up in two days.  I keep telling myself that’s enough time to finish a sweater for Chickadee, but the truth is that it’s not.

I’m kind of disappointed that I didn’t knit everything I wanted to this year until I look over that to-knit list of 2015.


Wow, I did a lot!

A pair of socks.  I discovered Antje Gillingham’s book about knitting with two circular needles, and I was able to complete my first pair of socks based on her basic toe-up sock design.  It was no mild feat, and one that I consider helped push me into the next tier of knitting.  Whatever that means.  🙂  These socks were entered into my county fair and came home with a third place ribbon.


Coordinating sweaters for my girls.  This one was a bust as I only finished a sweater for Wren.  It was a great mental exercise, and I enjoyed almost every aspect of making it.  I still have misgivings about the yarn.  I suspect this is why I haven’t made Chickadee’s sweater yet.


A pullover.  I made myself a sweater!  In 25 days, no less!  This was no small feat. I’ve worn this thing around town and to church even.  I love my Shellseeker designed by Heidi Kirrmaier and might make it again.


A fair-isle vest.  I had initially wanted to make a fair isle vest for myself, which is just crazy because I don’t really wear vests.  I guess I found the idea of making a vest alluring because it wasn’t as complicated as a sweater and I could still make something complicated with color work.  I settled on the Huxley Vest designed by Jared Flood, but I hope to eventually make the Cruden vest which Ysolda Teague finally released.


An old project.  With my husband’s great encouragement, I dug out this half-square shawl from the dungeon basement.  I didn’t like the idea of finishing it as my last memory was putting it down in disgust.  However, I’m so glad I finished it because it has been my most worn accessory.  Unfortunately, I don’t really have a good picture of me wearing it.  I really hope to rectify that sometime soon!

A cowl.  This design was another fun mental exercise for me.  I made it for my mum as a thank you.  She’s greatly encouraged me as I’ve pursued knitting.  She’s also kept me well supplied!


I love the design so much I’m actually making another one right now.  Hopefully some day I’ll better write the pattern for other people.


An advent calendar.  All I can say about that is:  someday.

This list does not include every thing else I’ve made this year.  Some I’ve been good about documenting here, others on Instagram.  I’d love it if you’d friend me on Ravelry and Instagram, if you’re so inclined.  My username on both places is polwygle.  Hope to see you ’round!


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